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Forest/ForestFragmentationCarpathians2015 (MapServer)

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Service Description: The indicator on the morphological structure of forests has been obtained with the application of the modelling tool namely GUIDOS toolbox (Vogt, 2013), within the forest coverage of Carpathians area obtained from the PALSAR-2 forest/ non-forest map (ALOS-2/ALOS, Earth Observation Research Center, JAXA). The resulting map provides with the calculation of a Morphological Spatial Pattern Analysis (MSPA) which determines the geometry and connectivity of the forest areas in the KEO. Several parameters can be calculated using this tool including the core area of forests, the islets within forests, the loop areas within a forest (being the areas that are connected from different sides to the same forest core area), the bridges within forests (being connected to forest core from different places and to different core areas within a forest), the forest perforation being the internal foreground forest perimeter, and the forest edge being the external foreground forest perimeter, and the forest branches being connected to any of the previous morphological parameters but not to the core of a forest. More details are available in the final report:

Map Name: Forest fragmentation in the Carpathians at 100 m, Oct. 2016


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Layers: Description: The forest fragmentation indicator detects and describes the geometry and the connectivity of forests coverage. This indicator, developed based on the methodology of the European study Forest landscape in Europe: Pattern, Fragmentation, and connectivity (Estreguil et al., 2012), has been calculated for the Carpathian forest included within the Carpathians Environment Outlook (KEO) buffer boundaries (EEA, 2010).

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